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Edward has a passion for teaching, and enjoys offering his ideas and inspiration to his class at the Leopold Mozart Center in Augsburg, Germany. His goal is to create a learning-environment which is simultaneously empathetic and challenging, and focussed on the long-term development of each musician.

In Edward’s lessons:

  • Students are encouraged to bring their creativity and concepts, as a starting point for development and refinement.

  • Historical context and musical analysis are explored to give perspective for artistic inspiration.

  • Technical and musical aspects of playing the cello are integrated: our technique is what facilitates our ability to express ourselves musically


Above all, Edward recognizes the nature of music as a living language - and enjoys helping his students to vividly and eloquently speak to audiences through their music-making.


Edward believes the core of music education is chamber music: here we learn the most important musical skills - dialogue, leadership, flexibility, spontaneity, and team-work. He also believes that musicians of all levels need regular performance opportunities to practise their craft, and enables this through organising a weekly student concert series - Mittagskonzerte - at the Leopold Mozart Center.


Edward is currently working on “The Lazy Cellist”, a pedagogical book focussing on helping people to find simple and efficient solutions for the technique of cello-playing.

If you would like to apply for the Bachelors or Masters programmes at the Leopold Mozart Center, consultation lessons can be arranged subject to availability. Details here.

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